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Brief Overview

WalkMe Engagement tracking is the default data-tracking level in WalkMe Insights. With WalkMe Engagement tracking, WalkMe sends information on all WalkMe-related events (also known as WalkMe Events) to the WalkMe servers. This facilitates your usage of the various Insights tools.

WalkMe Events are the main data source for the Apps Pages in Insights.

By default, you will receive unlimited WalkMe Engagement tracking with WalkMe Insights. For WalkMe Engagement tracking and User Behavior Tracking, data will be accessible in Insights for a period of one year.

What Data Is Tracked With WalkMe Engagement Tracking?

WalkMe Engagement tracking tracks the following data:

  • Unique User ID (according to UUID settings in the WalkMe Editor);
  • User Geolocation;
  • User Agent (i.e., browser, device, operating system, etc.);
  • WalkMe apps engagement events (e.g., Walk-Thru played, Launcher clicked, Goal completed, etc.);
  • WalkMe item attributes describing engagement with WalkMe items (e.g., engagement type, Item ID, Initiator types, item status, etc.);
  • WalkMe general attributes describing the account and the implementation (e.g., customer GUID, WalkMe language, environment, etc.);
  • Page URL and title where engagement occurred;
  • Window size.

Which Browsers Are Compatible With WalkMe Engagement Tracking?

WalkMe Engagement tracking operates on the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above;
  • Edge (Windows 10 Pro Version 1703, Edge 40.15063.0.0 and newer);
  • Chrome;
  • Firefox;
  • Safari.

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