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Brief Overview

Session Playback Tracking is a level of data tracking (not enabled by default) available in WalkMe Insights. With Session Playback Tracking enabled, Insights captures everything occurring in the Document Object Model (DOM), saves copies of all assets, and sends this information to the WalkMe servers. This allows you to view accurate re-creations of user sessions, both those that occurred in the past, and those that are occurring in real time.

Once your WalkMe contact has enabled Session Playback Tracking, you will receive a 1000-session Session Playback trial (i.e., you can playback 1000 end-user sessions). Sessions tracked over the playback limit will still be available for event-reporting and analytics, just not for Session Playback. Contact your WalkMe contact to purchase additional sessions.

Data retention details for Session Playback data depends on the details of your contract.

Use Cases

Session Playback Tracking use cases include the following:

  • See first-hand how users engage with your website;
  • Drill down into Funnel drop-off points to learn why users are not completing flows in your website;
  • View where and why your users get frustrated;
  • Assist your Support team to improve their service level, response times, and average resolution time;
    • Bug reports from users / QA teams can be attached to session recordings, eliminating the need to reproduce bugs through trial and error.
  • Understand and improve the following:
    • Onboarding;
    • Feature adoption;
    • Conversion rate.

What Data Is Tracked With Session Playback Tracking?

Session Playback Tracking tracks everything that WalkMe Engagement tracking and User Behavior tracking tracks plus the following data:

  • Mouse position;
  • Page HTML snapshots and changes;
  • Public assets (images, CSS, etc.), which are collected directly from the web server (not from the user).
    • Assets are cached so you are protected against losing sessions when your website changes.

Which Browsers Are Compatible With Session Playback Tracking?

Session Playback Tracking operates on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and above;
  • Edge;
  • Chrome;
  • Firefox;
  • Safari 8 and above.

Analytics events are collected from browsers, not in the above list, but Session Playback isn’t supported for sessions recorded on those browsers.

Enabling Session Playback Tracking

Please contact your WalkMe contact to enable Session Playback Tracking.

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