Product Updates: July, 2021

Last Updated March 30, 2022

How Will I Receive New Updates?

New updates to WalkMe became available on July 26, 2021. Read below to learn more about the new features that are available.

Your current implementation will not be affected by the updates until you publish again. Please refer to the How to Publish Global Settings article for more information. For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, contact your Customer Success Manager or WalkMe contact to learn how you can gain access to these new features.

The July Product Release Webinar recording can be found here!

Community Solutions Templates

Community Solutions Templates

The Community Solution Templates is a gallery of pre-built WalkMe content by WalkMe Community members, certified Partners, and certified Solution Engineers, bringing the WalkMe Community of DAP Professionals together to share & re-use WalkMe content.

With these templates you can:

  • Share best practices across DAP Professionals
  • Decrease effort & resources required to scope and build WalkMe content
  • Showcase your WalkMe content and offerings for other builders to leverage and learn from
  • Earn challenge points in WalkMe World

Read More | Rollout: General Availability (GA)

Behavior Based Segmentation

Behavior Based Segments provide you with the ability to segment WalkMe content based on user engagement with another WalkMe deployable or specific interaction with the underlying application.

This segmentation allows you to:

  • Leverage data to accurately target users based on their specific actions with WalkMe or the underlying application
  • Make the end-user experience more personalized

Read More | Rollout: General Availability (GA)

Multi-Language Enhancements

Multi-language Preview

In this release, there is a new and improved version of the Text & Multi-Language UI for translating content.

With the new enhancements:

  • Previewing content in another language is 20x faster
  • There is an overall better UI/UX experience for WalkMe Builders & Translators 
  • Save time by continuing other tasks while importing/exporting content and importing multiple files at once
  • Ensure intended content experience with additional validations

Read More | Rollout: General Availability (GA)

Activity Log Enhancements

The newly updated Activity Log is a cross-application log of all WalkMe events, providing WalkMe Admins with a single point of truth and enhanced visibility into WalkMe activities.

With these new capabilities, you will have:

  • Increased productivity by viewing a consolidated list of all systems events instead of switching between systems
  • More independence regarding WalkMe events and understand the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) without relying on WalkMe Support team
  • Real time troubleshooting available on your own

Read More | Rollout: General Availability (GA)

Microsoft Teams for Desktop

WalkMe on Microsoft Teams Desktop application brings all of WalkMe’s capabilities, directly on Microsoft Teams Desktop application.

These capabilities allow you to:

  • Increase employee self-sufficiency & productivity
  • Easily migrate and onboard employees to Microsoft Teams
  • Bring employees directly into the applications from their Desktop
  • Encourage employees to engage with new, underutilized, or complex feature
  • Reduce support for how-to questions

Read More | Rollout: General Availability (GA) for customers licensed for WalkMe on Microsoft Teams

Report Builder

Report Builder

Custom reports allow you to create your own reports from templates based on WalkMe Insights data.

With custom reports you’ll be able to:

  • Gain desired visibility into your WalkMe and application data
  • Become more self-sufficient by creating custom reports, on demand

Rollout: Coming soon! Stay tuned.

For more information about what’s new and to subscribe to continuous updates, check out our Technical Release Notes page. Please note, you must login to subscribe.

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