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Brief Overview

WalkMe Surveys are used to collect feedback from users, and the survey data can then be tracked by WalkMe’s analytics platform (Insights). Surveys can be customized with different question types, set to play at various frequencies, or configured to play automatically.

Surveys can be implemented at any stage of your WalkMe build: as an initial questionnaire for users to pinpoint problems, or during Smart Walk-Thrus and through Launchers to collect ongoing data and assess knowledge. We recommend using Surveys in one of two ways:

  1. Ask your users about WalkMe — Add a Survey at the end of a guidance flow to ask if it was helpful;
    • Make sure the Surveys’ colors and design are similar to other WalkMe deployables;
  2. Ask your users about your website/application —  Launch a Survey asking users about a certain feature in the site, a change, or anything you want to ask your users.
    • In this case, you should design the survey to look more native to your website/application. 

The data collected with a Survey is available in Insights, using this information can allow you to make informed decisions on what you what to pinpoint next, how users are adopting a new process, or what users think of a particular site feature.

Surveys appear in the center of the screen with a faded out background over the rest of the screen. You can use multiple choice or free-text question types. Surveys can be set to play automatically at the end of a Walk-Thru or to be triggered by a Launcher.

Use Cases

  • Test the knowledge of employees after they have learned a new process;
  • Get feedback from customers about a new feature that has just been released;
  • Present releases or waivers to which the user must agree;
  • Ask your users what topics they need help with.

How It Works

A Survey can be played at the end of a Walk-Thru or from a Launcher. Once a Survey is triggered, all the Survey’s questions appear in one Balloon on a faded-out background. When the user clicks the Submit button, the responses are sent to WalkMe’s analytics platform (Insights). 

Creating a Survey

  1. Log into the Editor;
  2. Click the downward app-selection triangle and select Surveys, or All Items view and select a survey from there;
  3. Click the Add New icon to create a new Survey;
  4. Give the Survey a name and click Continue:
  5. Click the Add New icon to add a question; 
  6. Enter a title and subtitle (optional);
  7. Select the question type from among the following:
    • Free text: The user is presented with a text box and asked to fill in an answer of their choice;
    • Single Selection: A multiple-choice question is presented and only one answer may be selected. Answers appear next to radio buttons;
    • Multiple Selection: A multiple-choice question is presented and any number of answers may be selected. Answers appear next to checkboxes;
    • Net Promoter Score: A standard NPS type question with an automatic scale of 0-10.
  8. Enter the answers. You can reorder the answers by hovering over the right-hand side and dragging to the desired order;
  9. Click Done.


After creating a Survey, open the Survey Settings to configure how the Survey will appear to and interact with the user.

Engagement tab

The Engagement tab contains settings related to user-survey interaction. This includes Auto Play options, Replay settings, and more:

Auto Play

  • Select whether to use Auto Play to launch your Survey.
    • If you opt not to, you must launch the Survey via Launcher or Walk-Thru;
  • Create an Auto Play Rule: Display a Survey automatically according to a Rule (Unique User Settings must be enabled in order for Auto Play to work);
  • Replay settings: Select the frequency with which the Survey should play (Once, Once a day, or Always);
  • Cancel Auto Play when user clicks: Choose whether you want to cancel the Auto Play Rule you created (and thus not show the Survey to the user again) upon these conditions:
    • The user clicking the Submit button;
    • The user clicking the “X” button;
    • Or upon either of the above occurring (you may check both boxes).

Replay After Completing a Smart Walk-Thru (Formerly, Survey Frequency)

Control how often a user sees a Survey at the end of a  Walk-Thru. From the Walk-Thru Settings menu, a Survey may be configured to automatically play either when the final step of a Walk-Thru is completed, or when the user stops playing the Walk-Thru.

The Play the survey option controls how often a Survey appears when connected to a Walk-Thru and overrides any settings configured in your Walk-Thru settings.

Play the survey does not affect the Auto Play settings and frequency listed at the top of the Survey Settings Menu.

Appearance tab

The appearance tab contains settings related to what the user sees, and how frequently he/she sees it. These include Display Options and Enable Spotlight settings:

Display Options

  • Show Survey name: Here you can provide the Survey with a name and edit the Survey name;
    • Pro-Tip: The Survey tooltip in the Editor will show the Survey’s current name as selected or modified above.
  • Hide Survey name: Here you can decide whether the user will see the Survey’s name;
    • Pro-Tip: When creating a new NPS Survey, the Survey name will be hidden by default to emphasize the title of the NPS question only. The name can later be altered manually.
  • Show question one-by-one: If toggled on, only one question displays at a time with Next/Back buttons (instead of all questions appearing at once);
  • Show Survey name only on first question: The user will only see the Survey’s name on the first question;
    • This option will be disabled if you’ve elected to hide the Survey name from the user.
  • Show question count: Show users how many questions are left in the Survey.

Enable Spotlight

  • Spotlight: Fade background when displaying Survey.

Types of Surveys

Play a Survey From the Menu

In order to add a Survey to the Player Menu, add the Survey to the end of a one-step Smart Walk-Thru (End Experience).

  1. Create your Survey;
  2. Create a new Walk-Thru. The Walk-Thru name you choose will be the Survey’s name in the Player Menu;
  3. Click Continue;
  4. Add a Popup step. Create a Popup with text that tells the users the purpose of the Survey and asks them to participate. The Popup step will be your first and only step in the Smart Walk-Thru;
  5. At the bottom left of your Smart Walk-Thru, you’ll see an option for End Experience;
  6. Click on that and it will open the menu where you’ll see available options for Initiators & End Experience;
  7. Open the End Experience tab, and select whether to have your Survey play either when the user clicks “x”, or when the user completes the Smart Walk-Thru or both if that works for you;
    • We recommend selecting Smart Walk-Thru Exited or Completed. This will ensure that the survey will appear even if the user closes the popup without pressing Start;
  8. Then select your Survey from the dropdown;
  9. In Frequency, select Always: We recommend setting a Survey to play Always and then returning to the Survey Frequency in the Survey Settings menu to set the max number of times a user can see the Survey;
    • This way, the Survey Frequency in the Survey Settings menu will override the Always selection in the Walk-Thru Survey settings.
  10. Click Save;
  11. Then save your Smart Walk-Thru and you should be all set!
  12. When the user plays this Smart Walk-Thru, the Survey will launch after the Popup step.

Survey Results

In order to see your Survey results, visit, and click Apps > Surveys in the sidebar.

Try it Out

Create a Survey asking users to write which topics most confuse them. A question with a Multiple Selection answer is a good choice. Check the answers periodically in analytics and build out other WalkMe solutions according to the results!

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