What Are Webhooks?

Last Updated November 4, 2020

Brief Overview

Webhooks (AKA callbacks) allow you to build WalkMe directly into your workflows by triggering 3rd party APIs and/or adding WalkMe Event data into your analytics platform.

API integrations are done at regular intervals because they are often resource-intensive and capped by 3rd party tools. While this may be fine for updating large data sets, time-sensitive data may be delayed and even outdated by the time it’s delivered.

Webhooks deliver real-time WalkMe Event information to your system of choice, triggered by the event itself. This means you receive information with no delay,  so your teams can take immediate action informed by time-sensitive information.

Webhooks securely transfer data using server-to-server calls, with no development work required. WalkMe webhooks support any HTTP calls in GET or POST methods. The payload must be in JSON.

Use Cases

Webhook use cases include the following:

  • Add real-time WalkMe Events to your Analytics/BI tool;
  • Trigger 3rd party APIs based on WalkMe Events. Examples include the following:
    • Get immediate Slack notifications when a Walk-Thru Goal is reached;
    • Add an end-user to a marketing list when they click a promotional ShoutOut;
    • Create a Zendesk ticket when an end-user submits a WalkMe Survey requesting extra help;
    • Add end-users to a spreadsheet to track onboarding when they complete onboarding tasks;
    • Receive an email when end-users complete a WalkMe NPS Survey.

How It Works

In Insights, you can register specific WalkMe Events and set up webhooks.

When your end-users interact with your registered WalkMe Events in your application, WalkMe sends event notifications to an internal WalkMe server.

The internal WalkMe server then populates calls to the destination system(s) that you identified when configuring your webhooks.

How To Build Webhooks

Visit our article How To Send WalkMe Event Data To 3rd Party Systems Using Webhooks to learn how!

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