Setup and Integration (9)

  • Last Update November 12, 2023

    Unable to Select Elements in Cross Domain iFrames

    Optimize your system in real time to continue building on cross domain iFrames.

  • Last Update February 27, 2023

    Editor DevTools Access

    The article explains how to access the DevTools feature via the Editor.

  • Last Update November 29, 2023

    WalkMe Not Loading in an iFrame

    Issue WalkMe content is not loading within an iFrame.  Solution Follow the steps below to determine whether the iFrame is cross-domain or same domain.  How to Check an iFrame’s Domain to see if it...

  • Last Update June 4, 2020

    Segment by Operating System

    Issue I want to segment by content by operating system. Solution You can use the “navigator.userAgent” variable to segment between different versions of Windows and Mac OS. To find the value of the operating...

  • Last Update June 4, 2020

    Google Drive Resources

    Issue Can I use files from Google Drive as Resources? Solution Yes, but you need to make sure the correct permissions are set on the documents and files you are trying to add. For...

  • Last Update May 16, 2023

    How To Reset Your WalkMe Password

    Issue How do I reset my WalkMe login credentials? Solution Your help center credentials are the same as your WalkMe Editor credentials. In order to reset your help center password, you must reset your...

  • Last Update January 21, 2024

    How to Disable WalkMe?

    Question How do I disable WalkMe? Answer Snippet Rather than removing the snippet from your website’s HTML, follow these instructions below: In your Editor, click on the settings icon on the top right corner...

  • Last Update November 29, 2023

    What do I do if I have a Single Page App?

    Issue I received a message that my site is a Single Page Application. What do I do? Solution WalkMe works by identifying when a page refreshes. If your site is a Single Page Application...

  • Last Update June 17, 2019

    How to Test a WalkMe Self-Hosted Deployment

    Question How can I test whether my Self-Hosted deployment has been configured successfully. Answer Follow these steps: Complete all steps from WalkMe Self Hosting. Create a Test.txt file and place it in the WalkMe folder. Copy...

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