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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Communication Center User Roles

Last Updated July 26, 2022

Brief Overview

Upon receiving access to WalkMe Workstation system, users are automatically given access to WalkMe Communication Center. The ComCenter has two user roles: Communicator role, which is the default role upon accessing ComCenter, and Admin role, which is granted via the Admin Center.

ComCenter User Roles

  1. Admin - Any user with all the following write permissions in the Admin Center: Workspace Settings User Management.
  2. Communicator (default) - Every other user with access to Communication Center that does not have write permissions in the Admin Center.

Admin Access

A user with Admin access will be directed, by default, to the All Notifications page upon entering ComCenter. They can switch between All Notifications and My Notifications. They will also have access the following:

  • User page
  • Manage Permissions
  • Manage Notifications created by other Communicators and Admins

Users page

The User page, which is only visible to Admin, lists:

  • All users who have access to Communication Center
  • User information (email and name)
  • User Roles (Admin or Communicator)
  • User activity (how many notifications they have sent)

Admins can search for users via their Email or Name.

Manage Permissions

The Manage Permissions button in the User page redirects to Admin Center where users can be added/removed from the Workstation system.

Manage Notifications

Admins can perform all actions on any notification, whether it was created by them or any other user.

Communicator Access

A user with Communicator access will be directed, by default, to the My Notifications page upon entering ComCenter. They can switch between My Notifications and All Notifications. They can do all actions on Notifications they create.

Communicators are able to view analytics or duplicate Notifications created by other Communicators. Communicators cannot edit, send, or archive Notifications created by other users.

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