Deployment Method # 1 — Manually Insert Snippet Directly Into HTML

Last Updated April 25, 2022

Brief Overview

The WalkMe Player snippet is what allows WalkMe to run on your site. Pages or browsers that include the snippet are able to access published WalkMe files on a server, allowing end-users to access and play what you create for them in the WalkMe Editor.

The snippet is a piece of JavaScript code that must be running in an end-user’s browser for WalkMe to work on the page. Each snippet is tied to a specific WalkMe Editor account. When items are published in the WalkMe Editor, they are accessible to end-users that have the associated snippet running on their browser.

When deploying WalkMe, you can place the snippet directly into the HTML code of your website or deploy it into the end-user’s browser using an extension.

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Steps For Pasting the Snippet Into Your Website or Application’s HTML

If you are able to modify the HTML of the website, you can paste the WalkMe snippet into the <head> tags of the pages on which you want WalkMe to appear.

With the snippet in place, WalkMe will be available to all users on every page-load. This is the preferred option for external-facing applications, because end-users do not need to download or install anything for WalkMe to appear.

To deploy the snippet, simply copy the snippet from your WalkMe Editor account and then paste this code between the head tags in your website or application.

Note: In order for WalkMe to load within an IFrame the snippet must be also injected into the IFrame itself.

Using Management Systems to Insert the Snippet

Some websites support a management system (e.g., Google Tag Manager) that will allow you to easily add the snippet to your website

See instructions on how to add the WalkMe snippet to your website’s HTML using Google Tag Manager in our article: Using Google Tag Manager to Add the WalkMe Snippet.

See our Deployment Methods category to learn more.

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