Mobile Workstation Notifications

Last Updated May 8, 2023

Brief Overview

Mobile Workstation users also receive notifications that are sent from the WalkMe Communication Center directly to their mobile device. These notifications are a powerful tool for a few reasons:

  1. They get directly to the employees where ever they are
  2. They can have a call to action (e.g: Shuttle linking the user to perform a task)
  3. They have advance Audience segmentation & engagement analytics so you can target anyone in your organization

Get to Know

Notifications on the mobile Workstation can be viewed via the notification page,

The notifications page lists all of the active notifications that were sent to the user.

When a notification is opened from the list, or a push notification is clicked from the mobile’s native notification center then the notification opens full screen.

After the notification opens, you’ll see:

  • Notification text
    • Title and descriptions: large text and normal text.
    • Text alignment: Left (for left→ right languages, like English), Right (for right → left languages, like Arabic)
    • Text Style: bold, italics, etc.
  • Time that has passed since it was sent
  • Any notification buttons

Create a Notification

Notifications for Workstation Mobile are created in the Communication Center.

Push Notifications

This is an enabled feature

To enable push notifications for your Mobile Workstation, reach out to your WalkMe CSM.

For the best engagement, we recommend sending push notifications to Workstation Mobiles. You can segment the notifications to specific groups using Audiences.

Popup notifications don't send alerts

Notifications are sent to all Workstation types, including Workstation Desktop. If you send a popup notification, your Workstation Mobile users won’t get an alert. The notification will still appear in their Notification List, though.

Learn more about Notifications and their types.


Scheduled push notifications isn’t supported yet.

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