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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Product Updates: April, 2018

Last Updated October 24, 2021

Product Updates April '18

WalkMe Version 155, WalkMe Editor App Version 2.1.0, Chrome Extension Version 2.2.28, Firefox and Edge Extension Version 2.2.11, IE Extension Version

How to Use the Product Updates

The release notes give you brief, high-level descriptions of new and updated WalkMe features.

How will the new update become available?

Our new updates will be available on April 29th, 2018. New features in the WalkMe Editor will only be available for the latest version of the WalkMe Editor (not the former Firefox plugin).

Your current implementation will not be affected by the update until you publish it again. For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, contact your Customer Success Manager, or, to learn how you can gain access to these new features.


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Feature Updates

Turn Data into Action with the Integration Center

WalkMe Integration Center

Every app used in your organization holds valuable data, but the potential of this data is not fully realized when siloed in separate systems. WalkMe Integration Center lets you send data from WalkMe to business apps like Salesforce and Gainsight to help your teams identify issues and opportunities and quickly take action on them.

  • For Sales and Marketing Teams:
    • Identify hot leads that are highly engaged with your product
    • Discover at-risk deals because a prospect has low engagement with your demo account or WalkMe AI predicts they'll stop using it altogether
    • Target highly engaged users with upgraded plans and services
  • For Customer Success Teams:
    • Contact users that have not completed their onboarding
    • Include software engagement and usage in your health score
    • Be alerted of low engagement in the past 30 days
    • Avoid churn, by seeing who WalkMe AI predicts will stop using your software
  • Integrate Insights data and AI-powered predictions directly into Salesforce and Gainsight!
  • Map data to custom Salesforce fields in minutes using our simple wizard
  • More integrations coming soon!
  • Learn more about WalkMe Integration Center

Contact your CSM to learn about the Integration Center

Raise Awareness of Features and Services with AI

Predict if users are likely to visit a specific pages using WalkMe AI

Raising awareness of high-value features and services to your users is a difficult process. While some users will find features and promotions right away, others will completely miss out on them. WalkMe AI allows you to predict which users will or will not reach a specific page, so you can target users with WalkMe content to raise awareness about new features, upgraded services or paid promotions.

  • Predict if users will/will not visit a specific URL to:
    • Increase sign-ups for services, events, or demos
    • Drive awareness of new or high-value features
    • Direct users to view upgrade options for their current plan
    • Give users extra help if they're likely to end up on the support site
  • WalkMe AI -  Likely to visit a page, is available for ShoutOuts in Autoplay settings
  • Learn more about WalkMe AI

Contact your CSM to learn more about WalkMe AI 

WalkMe NPS Surveys

Get more feedback from your customers with in-applications NPS surveys

Most NPS surveys are sent over email which results in low response rates. With WalkMe NPS Surveys display right in your application which has been proven to give you more customer feedback

  • Understand customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increase survey responses by showing them in-application
  • Use Insights to understand if feature adoption, onboarding progress, or engagement impact your results
  • NPS style template is available in the Survey App by hovering over "+" button
  • Display a message to users after the survey is complete
  • View calculated scores in WalkMe Insights (contact CSM to create special dashboard)
  • Learn more about WalkMe NPS

Contact your CSM to learn about NPS Surveys

Manage Complex Solutions Using Folders

WalkMe Editor Folders

You use a variety of WalkMe apps to help your users, but keeping track of the WalkMe items that go together can be a confusing process. Folders allow you to organize your WalkMe Editor content so it's easy to find the ShoutOut, SmarTips, and Smart Walk-Thru that go together for your products and services.

  • Organize WalkMe items by your products or services
  • Create a Folder with WalkMe content designed for a future update to your software
  • When working with other teammates, create a folder with only your content
  • Create a Folder for a specific process on your software
  • Folders created appear in all your favorite apps
  • Easily drag and drop items between folders
  • Minimize folders to hide irrelevant content
  • Learn more about Folders

Contact your CSM to learn about Folders

Save time and Reduce Errors using Dynamic Text

Dynamic Text for Smart Walk-Thru Actions

Many users have to type the same information into different systems, resulting in wasted time and user error. With Smart Walk-Thrus you can now fill in text fields on behalf of your users with Dynamic Text. Dynamic Text can capture text from one system and auto-fill it in another, allowing users to complete processes more quickly and without error.

  • Save time by eliminating the need to enter the same information on multiple forms
  • Reduce errors when users migrate information from one system to another
  • Avoid asking users to type in complicated codes and ID numbers
  • Shorten the number of steps in a Smart Walk-Thru process
  • Add Dynamic Text to Smart Walk-Thru Custom Actions that type into fields
  • Dynamic Text supports
    • jQuery selectors
    • Variables
    • Browser Cookies
    • WalkMe Data
  • Learn more about Dynamic Text for Smart Walk-Thru Actions

Contact your CSM to learn about Dynamic Text

Enterprise-Class Readiness:

  • Editor Session Timeout: Companies with strict security guidelines need an easy way to reduce the likelihood that an unauthorized person will gain access to a WalkMe Editor account. Session Time Out allows WalkMe administrators to set all WalkMe accounts to log out after a specific amount of inactive time with the WalkMe Editor and Account page. Learn more about Session Idle TimeOut

Built for Our Builders:

  • Export Smart Walk-Thru as PDF/JPG: It's difficult to share Smart Walk-Thrus with managers and key stakeholders during the building process. With Export as PDF, you can easily share an entire Smart Walk-Thru in a document that includes a screenshot of each step, the URL of the page and any notes from the builder. Learn more about Export as PDF/JPG
  • Multi-step delete: Now you can select and delete multiple steps in a Smart Walk-Thru at the same time. 

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If you need access to the WalkMe Community, contact yoru CSM.

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