WalkMe Technical Onboarding Guide

Last Updated August 11, 2021

About WalkMe

WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to transform the user experience in today’s overwhelming digital world. Using artificial intelligence, engagement, guidance, and automation, WalkMe’s transparent overlay assists users to complete tasks easily within any enterprise software, mobile, and desktop application or website. Founded in 2011, WalkMe software is used by nearly 2,000 enterprises globally, including 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit https://www.walkme.com/.

WalkMe’s DAP addresses a wide spectrum of needs and challenges emanating from the rapid SaaSification of the last decade, and the digital transformation initiatives that traverse all industries at an ever-increasing rate.

WalkMe’s solutions are deployed to both employees and customers to guide users and drive them to action within any web, desktop, and mobile experience. The results include higher revenues, faster adoption, slashed training time and costs, lower support costs, and an overall boost in user experience, productivity, and goal-reaching rates.

WalkMe has received 31 industry awards to date including Forbes Cloud 100 World’s Best Cloud Companies, Deloitte Fast 500 North America (Ranked #6 in the Software Industry #13 overall), and Gartner Cool Vendor. WalkMe is headquartered in San-Francisco (CA), with US offices in New York (NY) and Raleigh (NC) and representatives and branches around the globe, with over 500 employees worldwide.

What is WalkMe

WalkMe – the Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform – drives users to action as they use software or websites. WalkMe is used by enterprises from a wide range of industries and verticals to increase sales and conversion rates, boost UX, reduce support costs, and improve employee productivity.

Comprehensive step-by-step guidance is delivered through a sequence of tip balloons without requiring the user to leave the screen, watch video tutorials, or read tedious manuals or FAQ pages.

The WalkMe context-intelligent algorithm ensures that the right people receive the right guidance at the right time. WalkMe is specific to user roles, tasks, actions and devices. WalkMe accurately adapts to any screen size and resolution. All of this is accomplished without any changes or integration to the underlying software. Using WalkMe does not require download.

The WalkMe Experience

The WalkMe experience is broken into three distinct experiences, based around whether the user is working on building content within WalkMe’s editor, viewing the created content within the site as an end-user, or trying to mine the analytics data within WalkMe’s analytics platform, Insights, to learn more about the end-user experience.

As such, we have broken the Technical Onboarding Guide into three distinct sub-guides that tailor the onboarding process

Player – The WalkMe End User Experience
Editor – The WalkMe Builder Experience
Insights – The WalkMe Analytics Experience

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