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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Product Updates: January, 2022

Last Updated June 20, 2022

How Will I Receive New Updates?

New updates to WalkMe became available on January 31, 2022. Read below to learn more about the new features that are available.

Your current implementation will not be affected by the updates until you publish again. For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, contact your Customer Success Manager or WalkMe contact to learn how you can gain access to these new features.

UI Intelligence 

UI Intelligence is based on a machine learning algorithm which understands forms in your underlying application, providing actionable insights which you can address immediately with WalkMe content. 

The data-driven solution will help you plan and optimize your WalkMe content. Before creating WalkMe experiences, analyze the inefficiencies in the application to uncover what to focus on (e.g. Review the most highly used Salesforce modules and understand baselines for inefficiencies across the different pages) and continue to optimize the solutions as you continue to gather data. 

With UI Intelligence:

  • Gain actionable insights based on how users engage with the forms in the underlying application
  • Build the right things without guessing what you think your users need
  • Gain visibility into frequent errors on your pages and average completion times to improve user inefficiencies
  • Continuously analyze and track the impact of WalkMe solutions
  • Deepen your understanding of user experiences, friction points, and challenges across common processes:
    • Errors and validations
    • Time spent
    • Interactions
    • Completion rates
    • And more...

UI Intelligence is a paid feature but customers can now try it for free, for 60-days on Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Please contact your Customer Success manager for more information. 

Learn more | Availability: General Availability (GA) for Salesforce Lightning and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Pricing: 60-day free trial, paid

Report Builder 

Insights Reports already give you access to all your WalkMe data, allowing you to examine your data in many different ways and variations. The Insights Report Builder takes this a step further and allows you to create custom reports tailored specifically for your needs with a self-service tool.

With the Report Builder, leverage out of the box template to easily enrich reports with additional information and filters to create your own common report.

Learn more | Availability: GA

Digital Adoption Project Templates

When setting KPIs and goals for your next digital adoption project, leverage pre-built templates to measure your digital transformation initiatives. Templates are based on common and industry best practices to help you get started quickly by defining your business KPIs in an intuitive way.

Using the Digital Adoption Project Dashboard,  keep track of the status and progress of digital adoption initiatives with a holistic view on business KPIs, across all monitored systems. 

Learn more | Availability: GA for Salesforce Lightning

Coming soon: SFL, Workday®, SuFa, & MS Dynamics

Invite users to collaborate with

As a WalkMe admin, you can now easily add new members to collaborate on WalkMe projects by sending an invitation from the Editor and Admin Center. You can also customize access rights for each user by system access and publishing rights. 

Once you send the invite, each user will receive an invitation by email with an activation link and will be able to follow a simple signup wizard to get started. 

Learn more | Availability: GA

New Solution Accelerators 

If you haven't tried them yet, Solution Accelerators give you predefined content templates, based on WalkMe implementation best practices. Check out the new available templates for Microsoft Teams (desktop) and Salesforce Lightning.

Solution Accelerators for Salesforce Lightning

NEW! Case Management solution which includes the following processes:

  • Create a Case
  • Assign a Case
  • Follow a Case

This solution is designed for Service/Service Console apps and includes related Launchers, mini menu, and an example SmartTips Set.

Solution Accelerators for Microsoft Teams (Desktop)

  • Introduction to Teams & WalkMe
  • Teams Feedback Survey
  • Content Suggestion Survey
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Schedule Out of Office
  • Update My Status Message
  • Create a Team
  • Join a Team with Code
  • Add a Channel
  • Add Member to a Team

Learn more | Availability: GA

Identity Provider (IDP) Configurations

Identity Providers store and manage digital identities, providing a way for companies to manage access and privileges, while maintaining high security standards. You can now configure your IDP through the Admin Center for easier management.

Integrate your IDP with WalkMe to:

  • Validate end-user identity, enrich content segmentation capabilities, and expand on user behavior analysis
  • Provide one reliable and secure User ID across any system without the need of defining the unique user ID for each system with different variables

Supported IDP vendors:

  • OKTA
  • G-Suite
  • ADFS
  • AzureAD
  • PingID
  • Generic IDP

IDP Integrations are accessible from the Admin Center at

Learn more | Availability: GA

For more information about what's new and to subscribe to continuous updates, check out our Technical Release Notes page. Please note, you must login to subscribe.

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