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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Spring ’23 Product Release

Last Updated May 7, 2023

WalkMe's biggest announcement of 2023!

We are excited to share that our Spring '23 product release is finally here! And the best part, WalkMe Discovery is free for the first 200 qualifying customers until December 31, 2023. Let's dive in and explore all the updates together. Are you ready?

Watch on demand ▶️ Spring '23 product release webinar 

Introducing WalkMe Discovery! The visibility you've been waiting for. The platform to do something about it.

This is an all new way to approach your digital adoption and digital transformation strategy. We're giving you the ability to look at software in your organization from every angle, so you can rationalize your SaaS portfolio and maximize the efficiency of your investments. Whether that means cutting software spend or improving adoption, you'll be able to close the gap between what you invest in and how employees are actually putting those investments to use. 

With WalkMe Discovery you get click-by-click visibility into what web-based apps are running in your company, who's using them, and whether they're being used as intended. And once you identify the inefficiencies in your software stack, you'll get the help you need to drive adoption and  improve ROI. 

With WalkMe Discovery you can:

  • Automatically discover all web-based apps used across your organization. 
  • See app usage and adoption based on org structure, down to the end-user.
  • Identify potential to consolidate tools, control license costs, and improve app adoption.
  • Compare software investments to real usage trends and adoption data. 

WalkMe Discovery will arm you with insights to drive your DAP roadmap. Show your executives ways to simplify the stack, uncover shadow IT, pinpoint adoption opportunities, and optimize your spend. Discovery is free until December 31, 2023 and limited to 200 qualifying customers.

➡️ Unlock the hidden value in your software stack: Sign up today 

➡️ Learn more: WalkMe Discovery

➡️ Download the brochure: WalkMe Discovery 

Troubleshoot in the flow of work

Optimize the building experience with the powerful Flow Tracker, a self-assessment tool that enables builders to test and evaluate WalkMe items to ensure they work correctly for the end-user. The new user interface simplifies content testing, making it easier for builders to QA, troubleshoot, and understand how content plays on the page. Furthermore, it now supports all deployables, such as Launchers and Smart Tips, with element recognition. 

With the Flow Tracker you can:

  • View conditions, segmentation, and auto-play rules for WalkMe items without switching back and forth between the Flow Tracker and the Editor.
  • Drill down into the defined conditions to evaluate whether the conditions are met in real-time.
  • See the environment you are currently in, as well as a visual representation of how a Smart Walk-Thru is behaving to troubleshoot issues easily.

➡️ Learn more: Flow Tracker

AI-based recommendations in forms

Improve data integrity and user engagement with AI-based recommendations in forms using UI Intelligence's actionable recommendations, which automatically identifies form inefficiencies. Our AI algorithm detects user pain points, common errors, and offers tailored recommendations for optimization, enabling you to concentrate on the most valuable and problematic areas.

With UI Intelligence you can: 

  • Simplify business processes – Identify users pain points and common errors, and speed up process completion by eliminating irrelevant or repetitive fields.
  • Streamline change management – Uncover what hinders users from adopting new software.
  • Accelerate success with WalkMeDetermine where WalkMe content is needed, and measure its impact on form usage.
  • Offer tips for form optimization – Uncover specific recommendations on the type of actions you need to take to fix form problems. 

Now, you can speed up form completion with minimal effort. UI Intelligence is available on Salesforce Lightning, Microsoft Dynamics, SuccessFactors, and ServiceNow.

➡️ Within the Console: Sign up for a free trial 

➡️ Learn more: UI Intelligence

Optimize content performance by creator 

In the Activity Board, you can now monitor and track your content performance more efficiently by filtering your WalkMe content according to the creator. The improved Dashboard provides a clear and organized view of your content performance based on who created the WalkMe item.

The Activity Board now offers: 

  • Personalized content view – Select the systems and creators you want to view and segment them by individual, manager, or team, as well as specific systems.
  • Clear and organized view – Group relevant system and creator data together, providing you with a better overview of your content performance.
  • Customizable content view – Select content relating to a specific department or user.

The "Filter by Creator" capability is now available in the Activity Board's weekly email updates. Subscribe now within the Console.

➡️ Learn more: Activity Board 

One report for all systems

With the improved Report Builder, you can easily manage and monitor multiple systems reporting more efficiently. Now you can create one report for all systems, making it easier to build and customize new reports and apply them on all your systems. 

Additional Report Builder improvements include:

  • New template descriptions
  • Improved templates
  • Reorganization and unification of the columns library
  • Field descriptions with tooltips 

The enhanced Report Builder allows for better clarity and ease of use, making the report building process more descriptive, clear, and organized than ever before. 

➡️ Learn more: Report Builder

New Workstation integrations

Take productivity further with more Workstation app integrations. Workstation provides access to knowledge and processes directly from the desktop. When integrating with enterprise applications, you can complete a process or access information from the desktop, without ever opening the application. 

Employees can get work done without thinking about the application they need to open. It is also designed as a personalized hub, so this quarter you'll also see more personalization tools so that employees can really make it their own. We have a number of new integrations this quarter:

  • With the SAP Concur Integration, employees can now quickly review and approve their expense reports,  right from their desktop, without having to navigate to another application.
  • The new Enterprise search integrations with Coveo and Netsuite will instantly find and pull all connected records. 
  • With the new ChatGPT widget, employees can now leverage an AI-powered chatbot to find information and get support in real-time, right in the flow of work. 
  • My CRM Views – The new Salesforce integration with Workstation lets you easily find your Salesforce objects within Workstation.

If you're ready to take the friction out of work for your employees, reach out to your customer success manager for more information about Workstation.

That's a wrap for the Spring '23 product release

We hope these product updates have left you feeling excited and ready to dive into WalkMe's products and technology. All the new updates are available starting today, May 1st, and your current implementation won't be affected by the updates until you publish again. We'll be back in the summer with even more updates!

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