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Last Updated May 24, 2022

Brief Overview

WalkMe allows you to disable the collection of properties that might contain personally identifiable information (“PII”).

How It Works

Steps for accessing your privacy settings

To access your current security settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Insights account at
  2. In Production settings, switch to the necessary environment and click on Environment Settings
  3. In the Censorship & Privacy tab use the toggles to enable or disable collection of Page URL and Page title

Understanding the PII collection settings

WalkMe’s default collection level, WalkMe Engagement Analytics, and higher collection levels, collect 2 fields that might contain PII:

  1. Page URL: the URL in which the event occurred
  2. Page Title: the title of the page on which the event occurred

If one of the above fields’ collection is turned off, the collection of the field will be disabled in all events sent to Insights, and this might affect some reports that rely on this information. (Disabling the collection of both Page URL and Page Title will disable the collection of Page View events.)


Any settings changes are only applied after you save the settings and perform a settings publish in the Editor. Please refer to the How to Publish Global Settings article for more information.

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