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Last Updated June 29, 2022

Brief Overview

Use the Editor’s Options Menu to customize your Smart Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts, Launchers, and more. Options menu tabs include Interaction, Display Conditions, Appearance, and Selected Element. To open the options menu, simply hover over a WalkMe item, and click on the pencil icon that appears.

How it Works

Interaction Tab

  • Configure the basic elements of the WalkMe item.
    • For example, give it a name or choose a pre-designed template or image.
  • Find more information about the Interaction tab for each item in that item’s support article.

Display Condition Tab

  • Define how an item interacts with your website.
  • Steps, Launchers, and SmartTips’ default behaviors can be changed to accommodate different scenarios, users, and websites.
  • To learn more, please refer to the Element Behavior article.

Appearance Tab

  • The Appearance tab enables you to modify the way a Walk-Thru step, Launcher, ShoutOut, individual SmartTip, and Surveys appear.
  • You can highlight or focus on a particular element or correct the position of your WalkMe items.
  • To learn more, please refer to the Appearance Tab article.

Selected Element Tab

  • See how easily WalkMe identifies an element and customize the way WalkMe identifies elements on your website.
  • Modify Selected Element settings to optimize the WalkMe algorithm’s performance for your site, or resolve element identification issues.
  • To learn more, please refer to the Selected Element Tab article.

Notes Tab

  • Add information about individual steps that will be viewable only in the WalkMe Editor, not to your users.
  • Keeping detailed notes allows you to more easily edit items in the future or collaborate with colleagues.
  • To learn more, please refer to the Notes Tab article.

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