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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Fall ’22 Product Release

Last Updated November 14, 2023

Boost productivity and drive efficient growth with new product innovations. 

Dive into the latest and greatest technology that WalkMe has to offer, featuring 10 exciting new product updates from your favorite Digital Adoption Platform. We hope this release leaves you feeling inspired 😉

Improve search results using our new AI search algorithm, which automatically generates keywords from item names. Helping your end-users find what they need when they search for items in the WalkMe Menu. 

  • Improve menu search success rate: Easily find Smart Walk-Thrus, Shuttles, and Resources based on their names.
  • Save time: Effortlessly add keywords from a list of suggestions generated automatically.

➡️ Learn more: AI Search

AI search

#2 The Activity Board | Subscribe to weekly emails 

The Activity Board provides key data to understand and analyze the performance of your WalkMe activities. 

  • Subscribe to weekly updates: Stay up to speed and quickly act on top opportunities for improvement with a weekly digest email straight to your inbox. For consistent success, subscribe to get all your insights with an automated reminder email.
  • More board views: Get more intuitive and flexible access to data with new board views. Now you can group together specific systems, for example all systems related to sales, all in one board view.

➡️ Learn more: Activity Board 

#3 UI Intelligence | Sort, analyze and segment data

Become a data-driven expert! Discover opportunities to remove user friction and improve data quality from your forms.

  • Export data for deeper analysis in 3rd party BI tools
  • Tag forms for filtering to more easily organize and quickly find related forms and metrics
  • Segment forms by department to drill into improvement opportunities for specific groups of users 
  • Discover trends In form usage over time to understand the impact of changes over time.

➡️ Learn more: UI Intelligence

4 # Insights | Improve DAP Effectiveness 

Find opportunities to measure and improve DAP effectiveness with deep dives into user behavior and application insights.

  • Segments API: Create segments via API with user data from any 3rd party app (Heap, Google Analytics, Celonis, etc).

➡️ Learn more: Segment API

#5 Smart Walk-Thrus | Connect and find SWTs

Now it's faster to find and connect Smart Walk-Thrus, reducing your effort when managing complex workflows.

  • Go to Connected SWTs: Branch to another SWT to reuse steps that you have already created in another SWT
  • Find a step: Search a specific step in a SWT with the Find button or with the keyboard shortcut. Use the keyboard shortcuts ⌘ + F and Ctrl + F
  • Move steps: Within a SWT, easily select and move multiple steps before or after another step in the flow

#6 Workstation | Better end-user engagement analytics

The new Workstation analytics dashboard in the WalkMe Console is here! This new tool provides visibility to track and measure your users' Workstation activity. Featuring;

  • The new dashboard provides key engagement, utilization and productivity metrics
  • Track and analyze: Daily and Monthly Active Users, Top Searches, Most Used Apps, Top WalkMe Content and more.

➡️ Learn more: Workstation Dashboard 

#7 Workstation | Complete processes without opening a specific app

Optimize employee experience and productivity, now with additional app integrations on Workstation:

  • Workday: Quickly find colleagues, view org charts and access Workday profiles
  • Outlook: View, search and join upcoming meetings directly from Workstation
  • DocuSign: Quickly access and sign documents (DocuSign 'envelopes')
  • Jara Software: Quickly search for, view, and access Jira tickets

➡️ Learn more: Workstation Integrations 

#8 Workstation | Keep users up-to-date automatically

Use data from any system to automatically trigger a Workstation desktop notification - keeping users up-to-date always. Using the Workstation Communication Center, builders can now send notifications based on events  from ANY system* (WalkMe & 3rd party). 

Use cases:

  • Show alert when a system is down or has issues 
  • Notify an approver when a new ticket requires their review
  • Notify users that their IDP password expired 
  • Remind users to complete mandatory compliance training

➡️ Learn more: Workstation Notification API 

#9 Workstation | Easier testing of published DAP content

Improve builder efficiency and experience by enabling easy change of environment in Workstation. Content builders can now easily change environment needed for testing published content, by using the following Slash Command in the Menu:

  • /change-env xxx
  • xxx – Production, Test, Success (not case sensitive)

➡️ Learn more: How to change WalkMe Environment in Workstation

#10 Workstation | More accurate targeting of end-user segments

Provide end-users with relevant content only by applying advanced segmentation capabilities. Workstation is now aligned to support existing segmentation capabilities of the WalkMe editor.

➡️ Learn more: Segmentation

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