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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Winter ’23 Product Release

Last Updated February 9, 2023

Product spotlight: See what's new at WalkMe! 

We're excited to serve up a quick overview of all that's new at WalkMe. From new features to product updates, it's the best way to stay informed and ensure you never miss a thing. Get new tools to help you create frictionless user experiences and learn how they can enhance your day-to-day building experience.

All the new updates are available today, February 6, 2023, and your current implementation will not be affected by the updates until you publish again. Let's dive in and explore the latest updates together. Ready? Let's go!

Watch: Winter '23 product release webinar. 

Self service tool to resolve or report building issues on your own

The new WalkMe Assistant which is powered by our DeepUI technology introduces a new approach that enables you to report issues or fine-tune your content within the flow of work, with very low friction and at unprecedented speed. Our advanced technology captures critical technical info “in the moment of truth” (as it happens), as well as clarifies your intent, and together it allows us to easily reproduce and troubleshoot issues and eventually drives a faster and easier resolution process. In this first version of the product that we are releasing, you will be able to: 

  • Report building issues directly from the Editor, without submitting a support ticket
  • Instantly and automatically resolve the Context issue related to: WalkMe items which shouldn't be on the page
  • Resolve issues faster by having critical information captured in real-time and understanding your intention

➡️ Learn more: WalkMe Assistant

Easily pinpoint WalkMe items attached to repeating elements

Context is a display condition that can be used to identify when an element should appear. Context uses DeepUI's smart element recognition to filter when an element that appears on many pages should have a WalkMe item attached to it. Pinpoint where WalkMe items that are attached to a repeating element will appear.

For example in software like Salesforce, there are repeating elements throughout every page, which can often lead to false-positives, playing WalkMe content where none was designed to be played. In this case, an item is displaying where it shouldn't be, you would use Context to remove the item from this page, similar to a rule with “on-screen element”.

Availability: Salesforce Lightning

➡️ Learn more: Context

Make Smart Walk-Thrus easier to maintain and more resilient to change

Adaptive Flows is designed to assist you to ensure a consistent user experience by automatically adapting built flows to application changes and on-screen variations - making it easy to build and maintain Smart Walk-Thrus on environments that are dynamic or have frequent UI, flow, or code updates. You can capture a Smart Walk-Thru normally, and the adaptive flow will automatically check for any variations in the environment that might affect the flow.

  • Save time and effort for you, ensuring a seamless experience for users engaging with WalkMe flows
  • Reduce maintenance efforts with DeepUI's new proprietary solutions
  • Restructure WalkMe flows automatically without requiring builder action

➡️ Learn more: Adaptive Flows 

Now easier to deploy WalkMe across multiple languages. Better support for global colleagues

Work more efficiently by taking control of your own translation library with Lexicon Import. No more creating a ticket and waiting for someone else to fix your translations - simply upload the fix yourself in minutes and go about your day. Creating WalkMe items for multi-language applications is a challenge as text changes can break the items. It's now easier to seamlessly play your WalkMe content in multiple languages across all your applications.

  • Upload your own app translations (dictionaries) that will work alongside the current phrase harvesting mechanism
  • Upload specific translations to replace existing ones
  • Upload different content translations per WalkMe item

➡️ Learn more: Lexicon Translation Upload

More engaging, clear, and actionable SmartTips 

Improve field completion by adding an additional hint, description, or example text to an input field. SmartTip Placeholder text is located inside a text field and will disappear when a user starts typing in the field. 

  • Improve field completion within third party apps without access to the source code
  • Leverage the current SmartTip creation experience to add new placeholder text to an empty input field
  • Replace existing placeholder text with a more engaging, clear, and actionable text
  • You can use both a placeholder and a message on hover

➡️ Learn more: SmartTips: Getting Started Guide

Create pixel perfect designs faster and consistently

With our new Visual Designer Dynamic Layout you can now consistently design ShoutOuts with more freedom and flexibility by leveraging content templates with a fully responsive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Responsive design: ShoutOuts automatically adapt to the screen they are viewed on
  • Speed: Leverage ready to use variations of content arrangements inside the canvas, to design faster
  • Higher precision: Add extra columns to the canvas to create designs with higher precision
  • Improved experience: Provides a better user experience than Free Lyout, which does not auto adjust other elements to varying text lengths and image size
  • Multi-Language: ShoutOut size adapts when the size of the translated text exceeds the original

➡️ Learn more: Visual Designer, ShoutOuts: Dynamic, Free, and Flex Layouts

New intuitive self service experience for deleting systems

In the Admin Center you can now easily delete existing systems without any assistance and dependency on the WalkMe team. WalkMe Admins can move faster and be self-sufficient as they scale their DAP footprint.

  • Restore deleted systems easily within 30 days via the “deleted tab”
  • Sync between Salesforce and Admin center to create one source of truth for system status

➡️ Learn more: How to delete a system

Enhance the builder experience with Workstation

WalkMe Workstation improves user adoption by simplifying the way in which employees discover and interact with digital processes. It is an easy-to-use hub for employees to launch any application, resource or workflow, all in one place, right from their desktop or mobile devices. And that includes all of the content from any of your existing WalkMe implementations. You work hard to create the best experience for your employees, now help them reach it, and get the most value out of it. So what's new in this release? 

  1. New Workstation App Integrations: We're introducing new app integrations that will help you further improve employee experience and productivity. Workstation Integrations
  2. Enterprise Search Public API: Customize your own enterprise search to meet your users' exact needs, by integrating virtually any source or system API with Workstation. Integrations Search API
  3. Workstation Notifications - Public API: Trigger desktop notifications using data from any business application. Workstation Notifications API
  4. Preview and Play: Instantly preview and play content for Workstation - from the WalkMe Editor. How to Preview WalkMe content in Workstation
  5. New Workstation Design: A sleeker, more streamlined Workstation experience. New Workstation Design 
  6. Workstation Branding: Now you can change the look and feel of your Workstation according to your organizational brand. Workstation Branding
  7. Workstation Bubble: Workstation users can now launch their Workstation from a desktop widget. Workstation Bubble
  8. Workstation Citrix Compatibility: Workstation now supports legacy Citrix implementations
  9. Workstation Windows 11 compatibility: Workstation now supports Windows 11. Supported Operating Systems by Workstation

That's a wrap for the Winter '23 product release!

And that's a wrap! We hope these product updates have left you feeling excited and ready to dive back into WalkMe's products and technology. Don't worry, we'll be back late spring with even more updates to keep the good times rolling.

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