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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Summer ‘23 Product Release

Last Updated October 30, 2023

Product spotlight: See what's new at WalkMe! 

We're thrilled to share a recap of all the new capabilities we have been working on at WalkMe. For WalkMe Builders, we've made content creation simpler, faster, and more flexible. And for your employees, special Workstation updates continue to empower them to stay connected and productive in their daily work anytime, anywhere. Check out a few highlights from our previous releases including a special 2023 offer for WalkMe Discovery, providing full tech stack visibility across your organization. Let's dive in and explore the latest updates! 

Create engaging content, faster

Designing ShoutOuts with our Visual Designer is now faster and simpler

Visual Designer Gallery

  • Design ShoutOuts with greater flexibility by incorporating up to four widgets – including images, text, or buttons – in a single row. You can also use images to trigger actions or redirect to links!

➡️ Learn more: Visual Designer

Easily identify on-screen elements using Flow Tracker

  • With Flow Tracker, you can easily test and troubleshoot WalkMe content to ensure it works correctly for your end users. With the new element highlighter, you can easily identify which on-screen element is attached to each SmartTip and Launcher.

Flow Tracker Element Highlighter

➡️ Learn more: Flow Tracker

Take instant action to optimize form completion in Salesforce Lightning

  • With our UI Intelligence capabilities, you can quickly see how employees interact with forms, where they struggle, and identify drop-off points in critical processes. Now with UI Intelligence Actions, you can quickly act on these insights by integrating SmartTips directly into Salesforce Lightning forms, helping users in the flow of work.
  • For example, if your users have trouble classifying the stage of an opportunity, build a SmartTip to surface relevant information about the criteria for each sales stage to improve data integrity and forecast accuracy.

Take instant action to optimize form completion in Salesforce Lightning

➡️ Learn more: UI Intelligence

Create content faster with streamlined navigation in the Editor

  • As you create and configure systems in the Admin Center, you can now easily verify which WalkMe system is loading on a given URL using the search box

➡️ Learn more: WalkMe Systems

Speed up new system creation with default settings and configurations

  • Starting today, your WalkMe representatives can set default features and configurations to be applied to any new system you create under your account so you can start building WalkMe content faster. Reach out to your WalkMe contact or WalkMe Support to learn more. 

Make your employees more connected and productive 

WalkMe Workstation is your employee's gateway to the information, workflows, applications, and communications they rely on daily to do their job. Workstation empowers knowledge discovery, simplifies onboarding, promotes employee self-service and more. We've added a few more capabilities to make Workstation even more valuable to your employees:

Workstation for desktop and mobile

Streamline your SAP ECC <> S4HANA migration

Workstation now supports contextual in-app guidance for SAP ECC, enabling simultaneous guidance on SAP ECC and S4HANA for a successful employee adoption of the migration process. Proactively direct users to complete necessary tasks on either desktop or web, ensuring a smooth transition while driving adoption. 

➡️ Learn more: Workstation for SAP

Power up innovation with AI

Enable secure and controlled access to generative AI capabilities such as ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI Service by integrating them to Workstation. Your employees can now leverage AI to enhance Enterprise Search and get assistance, using your own private instance of OpenAI, without worrying about security or interrupting their workflow.

Integration with OpenAI + Azure

➡️ Learn more: OpenAI Integration to Workstation

Work better on-the-go

Now on mobile, enable users to securely navigate and access all the necessary workflows and applications they need regardless of device or location. Provide a seamless experience for employees who use both desktop and mobile devices, or create a single-point solution for frontline employees, enabling them to easily perform critical job duties from anywhere.

workstation mobile

➡️ Learn more: Workstation Mobile

Ready to try Workstation? Reach out to your WalkMe representative for more information about Workstation. Don't forget to check out the Workstation User Group in the WalkMe Community where you can learn about how you can use Workstation in your organization. 

Highlights from our previous product releases

WalkMe Discovery

In our Spring 2023 product release, we introduced WalkMe Discovery, which empowers you to be a strategic partner to your business and show more ROI for WalkMe. This is the perfect way to deliver insights to executives and business stakeholders with full visibility into your enterprise tech stack and the inefficiencies in your software investments.

With Discovery you can:

  • Automatically discover all web-based apps used across your organization 
  • See app usage and adoption based on org structure, down to the end user
  • Identify potential to consolidate tools, control license costs, and improve app adoption

Available at no cost by the end of 2023

Talk to your WalkMe representative or register here for more information on our *free for 2023* offer available to qualifying customers.

Our customers already see the impact of WalkMe Discovery: 

“This is invaluable data for deciding where to invest in digital adoption and where to optimize spend on technology.” 

Senior Director, People Insights, Global Consumer Brand

➡️ Learn more: WalkMe Discovery

WalkMe Assistant

In our Winter 2023 product release, we introduced WalkMe Assistant, built on DeepUI, our proprietary AI-based element recognition technology. WalkMe Assistant allows WalkMe Builders to report and resolve building issues fast, within the flow of work, by automatically collecting all the technical information needed for a quick resolution.

“With WalkMe Assistant I can raise a ticket directly from a specific step in the editor, provide core information about the issue and get to resolution much faster. A truly amazing piece of continuous improvement work!”

Laura Dean, HRIT Digital Adoption and Training Lead, TUI Group

➡️ Learn more: WalkMe Assistant

That's a wrap for the Summer '23 product release

All product updates are available starting today, July 24, 2023. Rest assured, your current implementation will remain unaffected by the updates until you publish again. Stay tuned for more updates coming in our winter release!

📢 WalkMe Realize 2023 is October 25th 📢 

Join us for WalkMe Realize 2023, the ultimate virtual event for DAP professionals and DAP enthusiasts! Get ready to leave inspired, motivated, and equipped with everything you need to level-up your digital adoption strategy and tech stack. 
🚀 Register here

Let's Stay Connected! 

Issues with receiving new updates?

For customers that run WalkMe on their local servers, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or WalkMe contact to learn how you can gain access to these new features.

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